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流泥 Concrete Flux is an experimental documentary unit that produces, commissions and collates works which move between the poetic and journalistic, fiction and non-fiction. All content is published in Chinese and English, in print and online.

Since its first iteration in 2013, 流泥 Concrete Flux has become an unsolicited inquiry into the possibilities of an aesthetic journalism. Where aesthetics is understood as the always political, always collective act of rendering sensitive the world.



流泥 Concrete Flux is a consciously multilingual project, which pivots around the ongoing process of self-organisation, translation and transmission.

As an ever changing community of writers, filmmakers, musicians and undisciplined enthusiasts, we ask: Can such experimental practices, with their oblique ways of operating, help us see through already saturated perspectives?



Issue 5 Coming soon!
Dust on our lips

第五期 即将推出!嘴唇上的尘

Featuring contributions from Alfredo Cramerotti, Ayse Gülec, Yu Gong 宫羽, Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Ifor Duncan, Josh Feola, Daniele Guerrini, Ana de Sousa, Yizhen Qu 曲一箴.

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北京 Beijing: Three Shadows, Meridian Space, The Book Design Shop, The Other Shop, WuJin, Aotu Studio
香港 Hong Kong: Kubrick Cafe, Asia Art Archive
重庆 Chongqing: Organhaus
莫斯科 Moscow: Strelka
曼彻斯特 Manchester: Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art
伦敦 London: Tender books, Ti Pi Tin, MagCulture
柏林 Berlin: Motto
阿姆斯特丹 Amsterdam: Boekie Woekie
蒙特利尔 Montreal: Centre for Contemporary Architecture, 820Plaza



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