The 流泥 Concrete Flux collective published its first journal in 2013, Beijing; the focus was the city’s hyper-fast emerging urban spaces and residents’ everyday experiences of it. Since, 流泥 Concrete Flux has become a long term research project and platform for the discussions on micropolitics, transgressive praxis, community and non-Western centred inquiries into the urban. An ever shifting group of writers, visual practitioners and undisciplined enthusiasts, the collective has hosted performative meals, talks, workshops, exhibitions.


流泥 Concrete Flux journal is a consciously bilingual project with all content published in Chinese and English, disseminated online and in print.


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Issue 1: Beijing

100.-  RMB

冬季 Winter ‘13

Tom Arnstein, Thomas Batzenschlager, Nortje Boer, Andrew Cardoso, Michael Eddy, Aaron Fox-Lerner, Stephen Gleadow, Patrick Conway, Pilar Escuder, Céline Lamée, 李欣 Li Xin, 刘畅 Liu Chang, Caitie Lynch, Daniel S. Miller, Matthew Niederhauser, Alessandro Rolandi, 宋维纲 Weigang Song


第二期: 混杂

Issue 2: Hybridity

100.-  RMB

春季 Spring ‘14

Martin Chorzempa, Jacob Dreyer, Aaron Fox-Lerner, 李红强 Li Hongqiang, 凌明 Ming Lin, Suvi Ratio, Alessandro Rolandi, Cheryl M. Schmitz, Claudia Shrivastava, 沈祎 Yi Chen, 曲若汐Solveig Suess,  谭镭 Radium Tan, WAI Architecture Think Tank.


第三期: 逃避主义

Issue 3: Escapism

60.-  RMB

冬季 Winter ‘14

江彬(野城) Ye Cheng (Jiang Bin) , 梁半 Liang Ban,  Jacob Dreyer, Michael Eddy, Alessandro Rolandi, Josh Feola, Yuan Fuca 富源, Gao Ling 高灵, Simon Kentgens, MAP Office, 胡默然 Hu Moran,  朱殿琼 Zhu Dianqiong, Nadine Stijns, Mukta Das


第四期: 素质

Issue 4: Suzhi

60.-  RMB

秋季 Autumn ‘15

With contributions from George Alabaster, 道旸 Dorian Cavé, Patric Dreida, 方還如 Susan Fang, Benjamin Haas, 潘美婷 Cheryl Schmitz, Jeremy Tsang, Matt Turner, 孙彦初 Sun Yanchu


Coming Soon!

Issue 5 and a relaunch!




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重庆 Chongqing—Organhaus

莫斯科 Moscow—Strelka

曼彻斯特 Manchester—Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art

伦敦 London—Tender books, Ti Pi Tin, MagCulture

柏林 Berlin—Motto

阿姆斯特丹 Amsterdam—Boekie Woekie

蒙特利尔 Montreal—Centre for Contemporary Architecture, 820Plaza


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